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Stellapharm J.V. Co., Ltd.

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Auxilto Healthcare GmbH

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Hartmut Retzlaff

Chairman of Advisory Board

Mr. Retzlaff long and successful career in the pharmaceutical industry dated back to 1976 when he kicked start his career in ASTRA GmbH, Germany. He was quickly promoted to be the Regional Field Staff Director before joining Abbot in 1981 in a similar capacity. After leaving Abbot in 1986, Mr. Retzlaff became the Head of […]

Fritz Klöter

Senior Board Advisor

Mr. Kloeter’s vast experience and success in the pharmaceutical industry dated back as far as 1986. Throughout his career, he held various senior positions with different leadership functions particularly in the areas of Quality Management, Patients Safety and Logistics. From 1986 till 2006, Mr. Kloeter had been working in Rodler Arzneimittel/Rorer/Sanofi, Germany, Pharma Atmos/Beecham/GSK, Germany, […]

Schwarm, Hans-Martin, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr. Schwarm vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry dated back more than 3 decades.  Throughout his career, he held several senior managerial positions and a great variety of functions in many locations around the world. Dr. Schwarm left Alfred E. Tiefenbacher GmbH, Germany in 2016 to continue his activities as an independent consultant in the […]
Manager of

Auxilto GmbH

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Hartmut Retzlaff


As CEO of one of the largest German pharmaceutical companies, he led more than 10,000 employees and was responsible for an annual turnover of around 2.3 billion euros. His many years of experience, his economic expertise and his visionary and creative thinking have made him one of the most important figures in international economy. He […]

Tilman Ronneper

Managing Director

Mr. Tilman Ronneper is a German lawyer who is practicing as a Managing Director of a Commercial Law firm since 2013. His special expertise lies in the support of long-winded and difficult cases, which demand his abilities to act entrepreneurially beyond the legal specialist level. Besides serving his clients in Germany, Mr. Ronneper serves companies […]
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