Is actually Google+ attempting to be a dating internet site?

Having made use of Google+ during the last week, the one thing I found interesting is that its becoming nearly the same as Twitter in how that one can identify just what union you’re currently in.

Look at profile possibilities here:

There happen to be tools that have used this one step more. Like, through searching for people predicated on profile settings for example area, sex, occupation etc – but in addition by connection position and looking for possibilities:

Clearly it’s still very early times for Google+, however if it grabs onto anywhere close to the level of Twitter or myspace perhaps there can be possibility Google (or at least businesses) to make use of this info in a sense generate a dating internet asian hookup site utilizing folks on the internet+ as users, probably similarly to how the likes of Zoosk did so well with Twitter internet dating.

What do you would imagine? Is actually Bing+ planned to become the next big dating site?!

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