How to Prepare for an MBA Program

It is also crucial to use your application to paint the full picture of your education and work experience to advocate for your acceptance, Nesper said. If you have a gap in your resume, be sure to have a reason for why it exists. Overall, your application should be thorough and encompass your experience and background. mba preparation tips In the past, several students have achieved a score of 99 percent or more by self-preparation. By performing self-study, you should also look into the CAT Preparation strategy given above for passing CAT 2022 on your first attempt. The most crucial thing to do well is Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning.

mba preparation tips

Many problems of Data Interpretation require a lot of calculations as they deal with data, diagrams, puzzles, etc. In such a situation, you should make sure to read the question carefully and notice the units used. On the other hand, Logical Reasoning usually deals with puzzles that can only be cracked using common sense coupled with lots of practice. So, make sure to practice at least 2 Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning problems daily so that you can be prepared for the variety of questions asked. Malvina Complainville, former assistant director at Harvard Business School, shares her insights on the topic. During her time at HBS, she provided hundreds of hours of one-to-one career coaching to students. In this video, she gives her five tips to prepare you for your MBA interview.

#2: Applicants Who Will Add An Interesting Perspective to Their Classes

The students should have an in-depth understanding on what exactly these exams are and how it can be conquered. A simple google search can give you tons of information about these exams. Applicants’ willingness to undertake the preparation for these tests is an important signal to the Admissions Committee. The tests are also an indicator mba preparation tips for the applicant of what to expect in Wharton’s EMBA program. MBA interview preparation, whether in-person or online, is virtually the same. Once you have done your research and practiced, test your internet connection to make sure your camera, microphone, and speaker are all connected and working before your interview begins.

When thinking about which experiences to focus on, keep all of the research that you’ve done on the school, especially their core values. This can be found on social media in Facebook groups, in Youtube videos, or within blog posts. It is also worthwhile to do a bit of research on your interviewer if you know their name before the interview. You can look up their LinkedIn profile to get a sense of the trajectory of their career; this will also help you to determine which questions to ask at the end of your interview. MBA students read hundreds of pages every week as part of their class preparation and coursework. We also suggest that 48 hours before the test, you don’t do any questions, and don’t open any more books. Your best bet is to relax your mind and body just prior to the test.

MBA Preparation: The 8 Most Important Tips for Applying

Talk to friends who’ve gone to business school, but also reach out to those who are currently enrolled or recent graduates of your program of choice. Concerned about paying for business school, which can be a costly and difficult process? In our guide to GMAT fee waivers, we offer advice for how to save money on your GMAT fees, as well as tips and tricks for saving money at other parts of your MBA admissions process. While MBA admissions criteria may seem confusing, they’re actually fairly straightforward. MBA programs are looking for applicants that will succeed in their classes, add a unique perspective to other students, and secure a job after graduation. Obviously, all MBA programs want their applicants to be successful and getting a job after graduation is a big part of your success.

Also, the vocabulary and grammar used in the newspaper are quite good which is helpful in the verbal section of the CAT exam. Reading the newspaper is also helpful for the Group Discussions after you crack the CAT exam and the General Knowledge sections of some other MBA exams. So make it a habit to read the newspaper daily, especially the editorial section. Then make notes of all the important facts so that you can recall them later when required.

What do I need to know before applying to an MBA program?

Networking capabilities are some of the most valuable skills any MBA student can have. As part of your MBA course application, you’ll need to submit your resume and professional references.

It’s important that you spend quality time studying for the GMAT to make sure you’re matching the scores of other applicants. While many institutions, including Daniels, have gone test optional in recent years, standardized exams like the GMAT can boost your application if you score well. If you do want to take the GMAT, there are online and in-person prep courses that can help you prepare for the exam and learn valuable tips. As a GMAT/GRE-optional institution, Daniels encourages candidates to determine whether one of these exams will support their candidacy and merit. Scores from these standardized tests can be submitted with your application if you feel that they will strengthen your application. As an aspiring MBA student, you are required to read hundreds of books as part of your coursework preparation.

School Selection

CAT is a very popular exam for students wanting to secure the coveted MBA seats in various management institutes of the country. It scores the candidates on the basis of their Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension as well as their Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning skills. Just as with your answers, you do not want to rely on pre-rehearsed questions that won’t be relevant in your particular interview. The most successful business professionals adapt quickly, and the MBA program might be evaluating Topic Sentence Writing your aptitude to do so. At the end of almost every interview for MBA admissions, the interviewer–sometimes a member of the AdCom itself–will ask if you have any questions for them. The interviewer might not be evaluating your questions per se; but if you don’t have anything to say, or you ask incredibly basic questions, it will reflect poorly on you. With his unique approach to interview prep as a model, Obinna has helped countless Menlo Coaching clients define their strategy and excel at their own interviews.

So, they must follow effective strategies to be able to write correct answers to these questions. It is true that there is no Negative Marking CAT, but time management is highly required to solve these answers correctly. Note the below CAT Preparation Strategy to prepare TITA Questions. The student should observe previous year question papers to understand the pattern of the questions.

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