How Do I Get Bankrupt If no money is had by me?

How Do I Get Bankrupt If no money is had by me?

Hi, I get ODSP while having got directly into debt that is serious the last few years with numerous pay day loans that I continue steadily to spend and 2 charge cards all to try and endure every month. I quickly got your own loan to attempt to make things easier from it to settle my other loans but which was the worst thing i really could have inked considering that the business finished up deciding where in weblink fact the cash would head to pay my credit cards off and such, therefore I had been not able to spend one other loans with this cash and finished up utilizing my month-to-month earnings once again, and my own loan is dual payback for just what we owe. I will be actually considering bankruptcy and was wondering do I have actually to are accountable to ODSP if We had been to register. Many thanks

Hi Stephanie. No, you don’t report your bankruptcy to ODSP. Your earnings from ODSP is reported by you to definitely your trustee.

Hello, we have credit line and card of credit in standard for more than 7 years. Total quantity around 40K. I never ever declared a bankruptcy. At very first i got phone telephone telephone calls from debt collectors, each of them stop after 2 years. One of many banking institutions sued me personally. I’ve no income that is garnishable no assests to seize. Matter 1. If i dont declare themselves bankrupt after all will my debts fundamentally be written down as time passes? Matter 2. If i file fo bankruptcy shall the lawsuit disappear completely?

Many thanks ahead of time

Hi Vic. The debts never disappear completely. But, when you have no earnings that may be garnisheed, if you’ve got no assets, then there clearly was no chance when it comes to charge card business to gather regarding the financial obligation, and so the proven fact that it continues to occur could be moot.

If you have no assets or income if they already sued you and have a judgement, as noted above, there’s no much they can do with it. Yes, if you file for bankruptcy the lawsuit additionally the judgement could be released when you look at the bankruptcy.

Hi, i will be on PWD impairment and also over 30K in credit debt now ICBC wants 10K to pay down a claim or pay 6 times more a thirty days. I actually do have no assets. Automobile just isn’t mine but we insure it to push. I will be struggling to work and possess maybe maybe perhaps not in over two decades and do not will be able to work once again. We have told the debtors that there surely is simply no means of repaying also 1 cent when I just get $906 each month. When we spend lease and bills and insurance coverage (that I can’t get now), nothing is kept for meals. It has been happening for decades with telephone calls 5 or 6 times per week money that is demanding. I am unable to just just simply simply take them calling anymore. My real question is, can there be someplace to go to register bankruptcy plus they perhaps maybe perhaps perhaps not charge a fee? My credit has already been shot big style, therefore I don’t worry about bankruptcy wrecking it more. I simply want to buy all to disappear. I’m towards the point, i recently wish to perish.

Hi Patti. For those who have no wages, the best choice can be to start a brand new banking account at a brand new bank, and obtain a unique contact number so that they aren’t calling you. In the event that telephone calls will be the biggest problem, an innovative new contact number could be the easiest and fastest solution. Many people file for bankruptcy to stop their wages from being garnisheed, but because you have no wages that’s perhaps maybe perhaps not issue for you personally. You are able to contact a trustee plus they can help you in your choices, including different repayment choices.

We have a gambling that is serious while having gambled all my cash and owe $30,000 in credit debt. I’m on Canada retirement plan and age that is old including as much as $1190 per month and I also work with McDonald’s getting about $800 per month. I’ve really considered suicide. We have quit gambling but can’t afford my payments therefore having to pay one bank card with another which can’t continue forever. I’ve read exactly about bankruptcy plus it appears like some creditors can refuse which scares me personally and I also don’t understand if I am able to afford banksupsy. Can they garnish my McDonald’s wages? Then how do I manage to consume. I’d like to help keep my spot. My begins and homeloan payment soon add up to $1000 four weeks. We need help and advice. I really hope you can advise me personally just a little before I use. Many thanks

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